There are several ways to install Maestral. If you are running macOS, the easiest route is to download the signed and notarized app bundle. It will run natively on both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon. On other platforms, you can install the Python package or a Docker image based on Alpine Linux.

App Bundle PyPI Docker

Please refer to the Documentation for a comprehensive guide to installing Maestral from PyPI or Docker Hub. The options compare as follows:

Package GUI included Size
macOS App bundle yes 65 MB
PyPI optional 15 - 160 MB
Docker image no 75 MB

The install from PyPI will vary in size, depending on the platform. It will require about 15 MB on macOS, including all dependencies. For the Linux GUI, the largest dependency is PyQt5 with the bundled Qt libraries at about 140 MB, bumping the total install size to 160 MB. Note that you may already have PyQt5 and other dependencies installed on you system.