Open source Dropbox client

Maestral is a lightweight Dropbox client for macOS and Linux. It provides powerful command line tools, supports gitignore patterns to exclude local files from syncing and allows syncing multiple Dropbox accounts.

Powerful command line interface

View and restore previous file versions.
Create and revoke shared links.
See a live view of all sync activity.
Directly from the CLI.

See all CLI commands
$ maestral status

Account: (Business)
Usage:        48.3% of 1498.4 TB used
Status:       Up to date
Sync errors:  0
$ maestral start
Starting Maestral...        [OK]
- Linking new account for 'maestral' config
- Retrieving auth code from Dropbox
? How would you like to you link your account? Open Dropbox website
? Enter the auth code: 6_AEcL89rUXN6Yfre4Cfdzo
 Linked to
? Please choose a local Dropbox folder: ~/Dropbox (Work)
? Would you like sync all folders? Yes
 Setup completed. Starting sync.

Lightweight GUI

Native Cocoa interface for macOS
Qt based interface for Linux.


Multiple Dropbox accounts

The CLI allows configuring an unlimited number of Dropbox accounts. Just pass a new config name when linking a new account.

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Exclude files and folders

More fine grained controls in the GUI and command line interface allow excluding individual files with selective sync.

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Unlimited number of devices

Maestral is not an official Dropbox App. It therefore does not count towards the three devices limit for Basic Dropbox accounts.


Exclude local items from syncing by placing an .mignore file in the Dropbox root with patterns matching any number of items.

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